Iguanas are purchased more than any other reptile. This is because they are the least expensive reptile that you can buy. This is also the same reason that they are the most neglected. It's important to understand that when you purchase an animal, that there is more to their cost than the listed price. You can get a kitten for free, but it is not free to make sure it's happy and healthy. The same thing applies with a reptile. Iguanas also get very big over time, and if you are not prepared to take care of such a large animal, or do not have room to house it, then buying one is a big mistake.

The temperment of an iguana is molded by it's treatment. They are generally very social, timid animals. It's rare to be bit by an iguana, but if the reptile is not comfortable in your presence, you are likely to be whipped by its' tail. These can be great pets, if you are prepared to be a great keeper.

Iguanas are omnivores. They eat meats and vegetables, but mainly vegetables. It is said that giving them meat, which they can live without, can turn them mean. In my experience, they can live a happy, healthy life with a diet of romaine lettuce, and other fruits and vegetables. It's good to offer them a variety, but you will learn what your pet likes and dislikes. Just be sure not to give them fruits with acids, or peppers. This can cause problems for their digestive system.

Housing an iguana is not an easy task. When they are babies or juveniles, they are fairly small, but they can reach to the size of 4ft long, head to tail. At their adult size, they should have at least a 5ft x 5ft enclosure. Iguanas love to climb and bask, so they should have a tree branch or something similar to perch on. Heat and lighting for these reptiles is important. Sadly, this is the first thing people choose to do without. An iguana will not live without being in the proper temperature, and recieving the appropriate vitamins. UV lights provide essential nutrients that these reptiles would get from natural sun light in the wild. DO NOT BUY AN IGUANA IF YOU CANNOT PROVIDE THEM WITH THIS. They also need to be under heat lamps 24/7. Day heat bulbs and night heat bulbs should be alternated along with your day and night cycle, so that the iguana also has the same cycle. Substrate for these animals can be hay, newspaper, grass or artificial grass.

If you are considering buying an iguana, make sure you will have the space for it once it grows. Also, keep in mind that it will treat you the same way that you treat it.