Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

Not only are these one of the most adorable breeds of reptile, but they are also one of the best if you are looking for an interactive pet. They are very social and very observant.

While the temperment of these animals is truly wonderful, they are a product of how they are treated. Bearded dragons often become attached to their owners, and will show their unhappiness if passed along to someone else. They are very different from most reptiles, in that sense. It's is a rare occaision for a bearded dragon to bite a human, at most they may scratch you with their claws, which is rarely on purpose. They enjoy perching on a human shoulder and observing all that you have to offer. There are wonderful pets for anyone that wants a reptile that's a bit more needy and attentive.

Bearded dragons are omnivores, meaning that their diet consists of both meat and veggies. Vegetables, such as romaine lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and squash, should be available to them everyday. Crickets, small mice, mealworms, or wax worms should be fed to them every other day.

As far as enclosures go, they need a decent amount of space. These are active reptiles, and they should have room to move about. A 3ft long tank should be large enough for 1 dragons' whole life, as they can grow to be a full 2ft from head to tail. They need several different types of overhead lights; a night heat bulb, a day heat bulb, and a florescent UV light. The UV and day heat bulb should be left on all day, and just the night heat bulb at night. The temperature should be about 85 degress during the day. Bearded dragons love to bask in the heat, so make sure that your pet has something to perch on under the heat bulb. That is where they will spend the majority of their time. There should always be a hiding place and a water bowl that is large enough for them to bathe in, just like any other reptile. Substrate for the tank should be newspaper, which is easiest for cleaning, or Calci-sand.

Overall, these reptiles are a great pet for beginners or children. Just be sure that you are not going to get tired of the animal and give it away. Bearded dragons are not just reptiles, in captivity, they are great companions.