Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons are a great reptile to have as your first snake. They are usually very docile, and usually scared of you. This is the reason they have their name, because they tense up into a ball position when they feel threatened. It's adorable really.

Ball's are not known to be biters, but it can happen. It depends on how much you handle your pet. It also depends on the reptile itself. Some will warm up right away, and some will shy away from you.

Baby Ball Python's are usually under a foot long when bought, and will grow up to 5ft as adults. They are a smaller breed of snakes, and can be housed in a 30gal tank for a single snake, comfortably, as an adult.

Like all snakes, they need a constant heat source. Place a heating pad under one half of the tank, set to medium. This gives them the option to control the temperature. Also, if you keep your home at low temperatures, you may want to get a heat lamp of low wattage to keep the air in the tank warm as well. Always give a snake a hiding place. If you don't, you will have an ornery, nervous animal. They like to hide, and will most likely do it often.

Baby Ball Pythons will start out eating small mice, 1 weekly. As your snake grows, you will have to try to see if he will take more food. The more food they eat, the less often they need to eat. As an adult, they can go up to a month without a feeding, but they will eat 2 medium sized rats at a time. Since Ball Python's are usually non-aggressive, it's a good idea to raise them on already-dead rodents. Believe or not, mice and rats can do quite a bit of damage to your reptile.

Price-wise, ball pythons are inexpensive. They usually range from $80 to $100 in price.